Thursday, 20 October 2011

GNW household challenge update

My GNW household tasks:
  • Improve Fighting
 My left hand is getting stronger and my defense is a little better. I think this one is in the bag but 'improve' is difficult to quantify
  • Get 4th round at Festival FAT
As wrist strength improves so does my fighting ability. This one will depend on who I pull in the draw I think.
  • Perform the role of Go-To Girl for Rowany Festival
  • Complete at least 1/3 of AS 50 project
5/50 (12 to go)
-Undocumenting the 'spanish' tazza.
-Plate for Gabs
-Plate for Stanzi
-Household plate for me
-Relief experiments
(in the works, plate for Mirriam, drollery platelet, not-kiwi plate)
  • Run 2 events (cooking or Stewarding)
Winterfeast - tick
Combined Colleges Training Tourney - tick
St Monicas Fridays - tick
Twilight Tourney (partial) - tick
Guards! Guards! (partial) - tick
  • Shared Task with Vandel - Co-steward 2 events outside of Victoria
I might fail this one. Need to pester Tamar and Ginger Mischief some more. Maybe talk Dash into running a Valhalla tourney and tavern feast with me.