Monday, 22 February 2016

Tidy ideas - how to sort your SCA jewellery

After moving house  I wanted to set up my spare room to hold all of my garb and accessories. I've repurposed the Ikea shelves project from last year and now it holds my garb, shoes, saris and sari accessories. I also wanted to hang all my jewellery and hats out to prompt me to actually wear some of it. I stole this idea from Duchess Constanzia who has all of her hats, hair accessories and jewellery on display to make mixing and matching easier. I'm not at that level yet because I dabble in too many cultures and don't really have sufficient breadth to my wardobe to mix and match (yet).

For this project you will need:
1x Ikea cork board (The bigger the better)
1x pack of push pins
1x pack of paper clips

Not-so-pro tip: The board comes with pushpins but not enough. You can buy the push pins and paper clips from Target quite cheaply as a school kit.

Step 1: Assemble cork board
Step 2: Hang cork board
Step 3: Push in pins, use a row along the bottom for necklaces
Step 4: Bend paper clips into hooks for items that can't be pinned (brooches etc)

I've clustered event tokens on strings on the bottom left and Pennsic / Rowany event tokens along the top. I may actually put them into a storage box and I'll never wear them again and as I make or acquire more items I'm going to need that space.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Octopus embroidery

When  Beth and Gib won crown I was so excited for them. Like anyone in their circle of friends I was bursting with ideas, and suggestions and opinions. I quickly realised that they'd be getting advice from -everyone- and I should just channel my energy and excitement into something actually possibly useful. I started these the day they won, and finished them after my move to Perth had me spending Christmas alone. It's been a while since I embroidered anything and I'm rather pleased with how these came out. I designed them myself to make a sort of knot work octopus. I have no idea what they might be used for, I thought perhaps they could be appliqued to a bag or something for the ladies in waiting to carry around. Or maybe on some cute small child garb?