Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Some questions have been bugging me:

  • How do you make Sun yellow glaze?
  • Why does it appear that the Spanish don't utilise it for plates however the Italians do.
  • Is this a matter of supply?
  • Are the Spanish lagging behind the technology / fashionable curve or are they ahead of it?
  • Are the marks in the center of the base makers marks or workshop marks as I suspect? (i think i'll look into that, and see how many individual marks i can distinguish - reverse engineer the determination of origination or something)
  • What is the relationship between the backs, is it a progression over time from simple lines, to simple leaves, to complex leaves? Why leaves and circles? Perhaps the progression relates more to the front of the work, the more complex (and therefore more expensive the item) the better the artwork on the back? Maybe it relates to style of the ceramic. Plain for plates, fancy for the tazza's where the underside will be seen.

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