Sunday, 17 July 2011

Plate 5 - a start

Started plate 5 over the weekend.

That is to say, started the front of plate 5.
Originally this plate was to be the prize of the A&S competition for Winterfeast.
So I completed the back (not entirely happy with it but I'll discuss that later) and was going to finish the front the way the winner wanted.

However the winner won with the Annual Winterfeast table decorating competition. Which in this case, was a household effort. So I'm going to make her a 15th cenury platter rather than the 16th c Spanish ones I've done so far. I've been researching alot as 1400-1450 isn't very specific. She's chosen a design and I'll start it once I've finished plate 5.

Since I have no real purpose for this plate, apart from skill development,  I thought I'd pick a simple design to get it out of the way. My pride in my work however won't let me make it too simple (like a brace of artichokes). I really liked the not-kiwi (below) but since it's a small bowl of 19cm I don't think it'll translate too well into a plate. So I went with a rather nice flamingo (or wading bird or ibis) pattern. I like it. I think I'll make a smaller bowl with the not-kiwi on it too.

not-a-kiwi bowl - Muel, Aragon, Spain 1550-1610

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