Saturday, 18 February 2012

Plate 06 - Drollery I

I’ve been ogling plates made in Deruta for sometime now (above - Deruta 1520-1525). There are some very pretty ones in the Victoria and Albert Museum however the ones I like the most require an artistic talent I’m not sure I possess, namely the ability to shade things well. As I’ve previously posted, I’ve tried some simple illumination experiments. I know mixing light is completely different from mixing pigment and I suspect mixing glaze is different again as the chemical compounds may interact unexpectedly in the kiln.

So, having attempted shading with pigment, I have used the same image from Drollery (22nd Jan) on a medium sized plate. I completely forgot to take a ‘before firing’ shot. The shading looked good when I handed it over. A nice yellow/brown skin colour, and brown/orange spikes. I’m not entirely sure the legs will work with the blue shading but I guess that remains to be seen. I added a simple vine work around the edges of the plate in the same green used on the wings because the plate looked a little empty without it. As a final experiment I added a lighter green shading layer over the dark green.


 It seems to have worked, mostly.

Figure 1: The completed plate. Light green on the dark vines doesn’t appear to have been successful

Figure 2: Zoom in of the drollery. Light blue legs overshaded to darkblue – success!

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