Saturday, 17 November 2012

Goldhaube update

So I decided to start on the goldhaube I've been meaning to do for a while. I took a shortcut and used the semi-circle that I cut out at the early stages of my whitehaube. I have since couched on gold cord (acquired from Spotlight one Christmas). As you can see from the image below, couching perpendicular to the direction of the cord (cord on right running diagonally down to the right) resulted in a cord that sort of squiggled. After couching three cords thinking I'd improve with practice (it's my first time, see?) I changed my approach. I ended up couching along the twist of the cord. This has the benefit that it's harder to pick out my threads and the cords run straighter.

I then sewed on glass pearls to the junctions of the gold cord. It's nice to have a project where I can finally use the glass pearls I bought from Sunrise last time I was in Qld. During the pearling, I over-couched some of the more wibblie cords.

I've also stitched down the rounded edge (not shown) to cover the ends of the gold cord.

Things left to do:
~ apply some form of band decoration, either with pearls or a chain of gold circles.
~ sew down the back band over the gold cord ends
~ gather the back band, securly
~ add some loops or something to help me pin this to my hair (though, I suspect if my hair is up in two buns, I won't need to pin the haube on)

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