Sunday, 7 April 2013

Plate 8 - part II

So I finished the plate, sent it off for baking and then promptly left for Rowany Festival. Ah, such a delightful event. This year we had fire, flood and tears. I left the boy with instructions to collect the completed plate and fly up with it. This he achieved (eventually) and the plate arrived intact and in all it's blue/green glory. I took it to the Laurels Prize Tourney (which is not a tourney, has no prize and the laurels don't compete) and showed off all my different pottery type experiments. I got some excellent feedback and ideas from laurels and non-laurels alike which I will post about at a future time.

Without further ado.. the plate.

Plate 8: The peacock, replica of a 12th c Syrian dish.

The plate turned out to be rather simple once the option for iridescence had been undocumented. I quite like the chevrons and wibbles that outline the body banding. The main difference between the original and my copy is the lack of a rim as the copy is a plate not a dish. The second difference is that the original has been repaired while my plate is currently in two pieces (it broke on the way home from Rowany somehow). The bits have been placed in Dash's mosaic pile and will hopefully see a new life at some point. I'm not to heartbroken over the breakage as the peacock hasn't made the top five favourite projects.

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