Monday, 28 April 2014

Uses for a saree

Friday midday court - post war fighting/marshalling, pre-sari class. My newest art-silk sari and flower hair bling. You can tell it's early in the event because I still haven't removed the rock from around my neck. Also, I'm already sunburned (from Sunday) and I have a radio hidden in my drape. Photo by Rachel Vess.

This year at Rowany Festival I seem to have been photographed wearing my saris a lot. I find this odd because I was mostly wearing my non-good garb because I was doing things like refilling the paper in the port-a-loos, or it was too cold for a sari. I guess when I wear what I consider my good garb, I'm more likely to be standing still for more than a minute. Anyway, over Festival, I had the delightful opportunity to look after young Layla a couple of times. She's a lovely child and quite adorable. During the Monday court where Count Neil was knighted, I decided to try something new with the sari. For the last couple of days I'd been toting Layla around in a sling thing. Not being a parent, I'm really not sure of the name, simply, it's a length of cloth with which you tie the child onto you so you can use your hands for other things. I thought this was genius, so when wearing one of my stronger saris, I thought I'd give it a go. It works quite well. The only downside is that you need plan ahead if you wish to have two ends to tie together. I didn't plan ahead so one end tied to itself. It worked quite well and I got all the baby snuggles.

Count Neils knighting court and young Laylala in her sari sling - also Nyssa's parasol to keep the sun from the bubba and, conveniently, the ginger. Photo by Amanda Swaddling (this is not the same wrap as seen in the photo's of Lucas's knighting as there was a quick change and some port-a-loo servicing in between, some people have all the fun).

Procession for Lucas' knighting ceremony with Neil, Liahden, Elizabet, Lucas, Gib and I. Everyone's all smiley because Mistress Elena just joined the Laurel for brewing - surprise!

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