Monday, 8 December 2014

Unfinished Project (UFO) list..

The following is a list of my unfinished projects. Specifically, these are ones that I've started and put to one side due to distraction, lack of interest, lack of time or lack of materials. My friend Ceara recently posted a list of things she's achieved in the last few years on her blog with some lovely Gantt charts. She is amazingly productive and has inspired me to collate this list in order to cross things off of it. This is not a full list of unfinished projects as there are some I've done the research for and/or bought the materials but haven't dived into yet (ie the silk painted sari project). Those will be addressed some other time. I've recently completed three things from this list (I'll post about the after Christmas) so I've feeling like I can probably get quite a bit of this knocked over.

The list in no particular order:

Blue tartan bustle kilt
Overlocked to length
New edge trimmed with satin ribbon
First bustle layer complete
-Second and third tulle and tartan need to be measured and attached
-Trimming or bows or something to hide the stitche

Red tartan bustle kilt
Kilt trimmed and overlocked to length
-Add edge trim
-Sew on tulle and bustle layers
-More trim

Brown block print sari
--2x edges to hem

Apricot sari
-2x edges to hem

Blackwork wall hanging
~5 hours in
-about 9/10ths left to do

White & gold sari
-2x edges to hem
-Smooth the twist out of all the gold work

Blue lace tartan kilt
Majority of damage removed
New hem replaced with cream lace
Darning of moth holes complete
50% of darning covered with silver butterfly beads
-Acquire more butterflies
-Sew on butterflies to hide darning

Fancy Pants blue t-tunic
Tunic complete
-Shorten 1x arm
-Attach silk cuffs to arm
-Handsew edge of cuff

Snakes and Ladders Quilt
(after 10 years)
Squares cut and sewn together
Majority of embroidery done
-Finish all snakes
-Finish all ladders
-Embroider random numbers where reinforcement is required
-Find / purchase batting
-Find / purchase quilt back (or double bed sheet)
-Stitch the ditch and attach pieces together
-Edge quilt

Cream 1860's dress
Majority of dress complete
-Make blue puffy sleeves
-Make cream and blue tie-sash
-Handsew down trim on bodice and reinforce pearls

Gold thread and pearls completed
-Gather and sew into headband
-Gather and work out fastening method.

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