Monday, 9 February 2015

9/2/2015 - Pot of the Week, Chinese

with bracket-lobed rim well painted with a lively wave pattern in underglaze blue of strong, inky tones, the shallow cavetto with eight reverse ground ruyi-form 'heaped and piled' reserves, molded in relief with fine detail, enclosing leafing peony against a ground of delicately undulating scrolls, the center formed by a large quatrefoil of neatly arched waves enclosing a circular medallion comprised of eight Buddhist flame motifs within radiating petal-shaped panels, the underside with freely drawn lotus scroll with characteristically spiky leaves all between line borders, all resting on a low wedge-shaped footrim, the unglazed base with a mark painted in cobalt
Diameter 18 in., 45.7 cm

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