Sunday, 26 April 2015

Ceramic project 39 - Blue and White cup from Turkey 
Jug, Iznik, Turkey, 1550's. Stonepaste. The Met Museum accession number 08.102.6

I sourced the inspiration for ceramic 39 while searching for blue and white Iznik items for my essays on BoW. Though I haven't completed the essay yet, it appears that the bi-blue Iznik items utilized Chinese designs more than the line of poly-chrome items produced at the same time. Poly-chrome items from this time did use blue glaze with turquoise accents such as this bottle or included reds and greens as well. It is difficult to tell if there are two types of blue on the extant item, or just two applications of glaze on the darker areas. While the design isn't strongly Chinese, other similar objects have been found emphasise the imitation of Chinese porcelain designs in the Iznik earthenware such as this plate.

I suspect the smeary mess at the top of the jug is due to unequal temperatures in the kiln causing the glaze to run at the top. As my items are fired in an electric kiln, I don't have that problem but I've done my best to replicate the effect.

Ceramic project 39 utilising Chinese influenced design elements from an Iznik jug.

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