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Names from Kalhana's Rajatarangint, a Chronicle of the Kings of Kasmir, Translated by M.A.Stein

SCA reference names for the indian sub-continent.
In the format of NAME, Occupation, sex, date, caste (where possible)

Out of order and not quite secondary (i.e mentioned in introductory sections)

Kalhana, author, male, 1148-49 (meaning 'happy' or 'blessed')
Canpaka, minister, male
Harsa, king, male, 1089-1101
Prayaga, chamberlain,male
Mukta, menial servant, ?
Kanaka, Canpakas son, male
Jonaraja, commentator, male, ~1400
Asoka, king, male
Kumarapala, king, male
Bilhana, poet, male, 1080
Bana, author of Harsacarita (historical romance)
Harsavardhana, king, male
Yasovarman, king, male
Mankha, poet, male, 1128-1144
Alamkara, poet, male (Mankha's brother)
Kalyana, poet, male (possible alternative to Kalhana)
Sussals, king, male
Alakadatta, patron and minister, male
Kalyana, queen, female
Kallana, queen, female (alternative spelling to Kalyana)
Sussala, king, male, 1121
Uccala, rebel brother to Sussala, male
Gargacandra, Lord of Lahara, male
Radda, official then King (for a day), male
Salhana, half brother to Uccala, male
Bhiksacara, grandson of Harsa, male
Jayasimha, king, son of Sussala, male
Lothana, brother of Salhana, male
Salhana, ?
Mallarjuna, nephew of Lothana, male
Bhoja, son of Salhana, male, 1143-1145
Rilhana, minister, male
Alamkara, scholar, male
Mankha, minister, male
Udaya, lord of the gate, male
Ksemendra, poet and historian, male, ~1000
Padmamihira, chronicler, male
Helaraja, ascetic and chronicler, male
Chavillakara, chronicler, male
Meghavahana, king, male
Ananta, male
Suryamati, queen, female
Cippata-Jayapida, ?, 813
Lalitaditya, king, male
Jayapida, Brahman, male
Ghatotkaca, prince, male
Jayasimha, king, male
Rajavadana, rebel, male
Yudhisthira, Pandava hero, male, 653
Gonanda, king, male

Section II
Hiranyakula, king, male
Vasukula, king, male
Mihirakula, king, male
Baka, king, male
Ranaditya, king, male
Durlabhavardhana, Karkota king, male, 600-636 CE
As'oka, king, male
Gonanda, king(s), male
Huska, Turuska King, male
Juska, Turuska king, male
Kaniska, Turuska king, male
Kaniska, Kusana prnce, male
Huviska, Kusana prince, male
Abhimanyu, king, male
Mihirakula, king, male, ~500-550
Narendraditya, king, male
Khinkbila, king, male
Hiranya, king, male
Toramana, brother to Hiranya and regent, male
Siladitya-Pratapasila, ruler of Malava (Ujjain), male, 580 CE
Pravarasena, king, male
Toramana, ?, male
Matrgupta, king, male
Lahkhana-Udayaditya / Lahkhana-Narendraditya, king, 209-222 CE
Khinkhila-Narendraditya, king, male, 250-214 BCE
Candrapida, king, male (also known as Tchentolopili of Kasmir), 713 CE
Tarapida, king, male, brother to Candrapida, 720
Muktapida-Lalitaditya, king, male 699-735 CE
Mu-to-pi, King of Kasmir, male, 736-747 (aka Muktapida - chineese spelling)
Durlabhavardhana, King and founder of the Karkota dynasty, male, 600-636
Tu-lo-pa, King, male, 627-647 (chinese spelling)

(anything pre 7th century has dodgy dates except those above which are corrected by Chinese accounts and artifacts such as coins)

Gonanda, King of Kasmir
Jarasamdha, King of Magadha
Damodara, Son Of Gonanda I
Yasovati, Gonanda's widow, female
Lava, founder of the Agrahara of Levara, male
Kusa, founder of Kuruhura, male
Khagendra,founder of Khagi and Khonamusa
Godhara, founder of Godhara
Asoka, king, male
Sacinara, king, male
Sakuni, Asoka's great-grandfather
Jalauka, King and son of Asoka, male
Avadhuta, saint, male
Isanadevi, Jalauka's queen, female
Damondara, king, male
Huska, Turuska prince, male (Turuska - Turkish buddhist sovereigns)
Jusja, Turuska prince, male
Kaniska, Turuska prince, male
Abhimanyu, king, male
Vibhisana, king, male
Indrajit, king male
Ravana, king, male
Vibhisana, King, male
Nara, king, male
Kimnara, king (aka Nara), male
Siddha, king and son of Nara, male
Utpalaksa, king, male
Hiranyaksa, king, male
Hiranyakula, King, male
Vasukula, king, male
Mihirakula, king and son of Vasukula, male, 515 CE
Toramana, king, male

107, 77

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