Tuesday, 15 November 2011

UFO complete - Caul

I have finally finished one of my UFO's that has been sitting around for years. (since early 2005). It's needed the brim finished for quite some time and so, while watching the Chalice of the Sun God tourney in Ponte Alto I completed it (phew).

This is a 'fancy' caul. A late period hat typically worn on the back of the head. I think I've made the band too wide. Below is an image of me wearing it (unfinished) at St Beocca's Eve Feast (April 9, 2005) with Master Piers of Malmesbury.

I cannot remember all of the references I used for this one as it was LONG ago. However this is one I do recall. I really liked the pearl work here which inspired the clusters of pearls on the original. It's earlier than the other references I used, but it's the only one that sticks in my memory.

Lorenzo Costa, c1490  Portrait of A Woman with Pearl Necklace

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