Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Brustflect popular designs

I'm having trouble not thinking about the Cranach gowns. I did a breastcover (actually brustflect aparently) analysis today. I examined 85 images showing a brustflect and compared the designs. I'll compile an example of the more popular ones next time I need a distraction from the PhD.

UPDATED: Now includes 91 brustflects, Gold on Gold (no pearl or blackwork) is the catchall category where images are of poor resolution and I am unable to place the design (i.e. smeary gold)

Of the 91 images examined, 20 of the ladies sported a V shaped chain which terminated just under the top of the brustflect (56 had no chain). 14 of the ladies had a black ribbon in the same position. This may be the edge of a chemise so further examination of high resolution images needs to occur.

Blackwork on gold, diamonds 1
Blackwork on gold, geometirc, no pearls 1
Blackwork on gold, vertical only 1
Blackwork on gold, writing 1
Broacade gold fabric with black outline 23
Diamond frabric with pearlwork with central motif and floral or spirals 3
Dimond fabric with blackwork motif 1
Gold on gold work (no black or pearls) 10
Other - showing lacing or attachment detail 5
Pearlwork on black 1
Pearlwork on gold with central motif and two spirals or floral designs 6
Pearlwork on gold, abstract, flowing design 3
Pearlwork on gold, diamonds with flower central motif 3
Pearlwork on gold, diamonds with m central motif 1
Pearlwork on gold, diamonds without central motifs 5
Pearlwork on gold, fan patterns 1
Pearlwork on gold, floral designs 2
Pearlwork on gold, floral mounted on black 7
Pearlwork on gold, geometirc braid / knot 3
Pearlwork on gold, interlocking rings 2
Pearlwork on gold, vertical only 1
Pearlwork on gold, writing 1
Pure black 2
Pure Gold 2
Pure Red 1
Square pattern fabric with lattice pearlwork borders 1
Two sets of gold flames on white 1
Vertically slashed 2

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