Saturday, 8 June 2013

1/5 of A&S 50

As I've just hit 1/5th of my A&S 50 goal I thought I'd make a few summary tables because I'm a scientist and I like tables. It's also helped solidify my ideas of what I've looked at and where I want to investigate in the future. Spoilers for plates currently in the works!

Plate ID Experimental component
0.1 Undocumenting the Spanish Tazza Investigation into the Spanish colour choices and symbolism
1 Antoinettes Plate 1st ever plate - adapting motif's for household use
2 Gabriel De Beaumont Plate Conversion of style and symbols for HRM
3 Constanzia Moralez's Plate Conversion of style and symbols for HRM
4 Relief Plate Creation of relief post-bisque
5 Ibis Plate Single layer of colour (watercolour effect)
6 Drollery 1 Light on dark shading
7 Drollery 2 Dark on light shading
8 Peacock Plate Rainbow lustre and copper based pigment
9 Dove Plate White line solution investigation
9.1 Iranianplates Lobed edges and saltanabad-ware
10 Vandals Plate Squeezie bottle for lines and dots
11 Hare Bowl Line work shading and bowl shape
12 Mirriams Plate Medieval font

Even though I'm in an Iranian designs zone at the moment, I also want to expand my array of cultures and times.

Plate Style Culture Age
0.1 - Spanish -
1 Lusterware Spanish 15th C
2 Tin Glazed earthenware Spanish, Seville or Valencia 1525-1550
3 Tin Glazed earthenware Spanish, Seville or Valencia 1550-1600
4 Lusterware Spanish, Reus 1575-1600
5 Luserware Spanish, Manises 1525-1575
6 Illumination
7 Illumination
8 Stonepaste with under-glaze decoration Syrian 12th C
9 Earthenware Iran 14th C
9.1 - Iranian
10 Lusterware Spanish 15th C
11 Tin Glazed earthenware Italy, Florence 1450
12 Tin Glazed earthenware with luster Spanish, Manises 1400-1450

So, that's 1/5th done in 1.5 years and I have two years to go. Wish my luck. Also, I'm open to requests, who knows, you might inspire me to try something completely different!

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