Saturday, 29 June 2013

Toys for the tot

My sharehouse has had a recent addition. The couple upstairs have given birth to a little girl named Layla. It seemed like a lot of work (and no doubt will be, going forward) but she's quite a cute baby at the moment. Sometimes it's nice to live vicariously through others and not have to do these things myself.

As I've had a couple of friends spawn in the last year I thought I'd try my hand at making toys. I started by making a giraffe for Olfus' boy but I found the mane a little time consuming. I was tempted to make an elephant for Layla but got a little frustrated. Luckily, one of my friends had Pinned a number of interesting toy ideas. I ended up making a couple of Stegosaurus - who doesn't like a good dinosaur? It's called a 'taggie' which I assume refers to the loops of ribbon used as the defensive plates. The pattern is one sided so doesn't standup but would make a good chewtoy I suspect. Someone with more time than I could probably work out a 3d four legged pattern.
As I had excess fabric, I made four. One for Layla, one for Bennie, one for the next infant I happen upon and one for the first person to register interest.

Two days before Layla was born I decided to try something a little more difficult. My awesome sister works with felt alot. She makes things like screaming avocados and other quirky items. So I thought I'd make something with felt that Layla's SCAdian parents would find appropriate.

 A dragon for Layla the Dragon Slayer!  Pattern from here with many thanks. I also found this  pattern for a rampant dragon but I don't think he is as cute.

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