Friday, 9 August 2013

Pennsic teasurers pt 1 - Byzantine stuff

I just got back from my Pennsic pilgrimage and I managed to collect all sorts of treasures this year (yes, I went a little over budget). I got some delightful sari's from pennsic from Flori of Northshield. Some nice, possibly not very period, Persian garb and some random trinkets. The sari's have inspired me to find out more and attempt to document my newest acquisitions.

 First up: a birthday necklace that Dash bought for me (not pennsic treasure, but very close). It's been many years since I've received jewellery for my birthday. Dash commissioned the necklace from an Etsy seller as a replica of one in the Walters Museum. It's been created from recovered pieces from other necklaces. She's done a pretty good job and it's even in my heraldic colours!

 My new necklace: pearls, blue cats eye beads, red glass beads and silver doohickies.

The original Byzantine necklace from the Walters Art Museum. gold, malachite, sapphire and semiprecious stone. Item number: 57.54. From Egypt. 

On the long trip home, I happened to traispe past the Met Museum of Art retail shop and I couldn't help being drawn in. It was hard not to buy most of the store. I ended up going home with some Byzantine paisley pendant earrings. They are lovely!

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