Monday, 19 August 2013

Persian garb for Jour d'Honnuer (Krae Glas)

So having gotten the hard part of my first Persian outfit out of the way by simply buying the upper garments I now have to create a full outfit with them for this weekends do at Krae Glas.
As I see it, accessories make the outfit and a wonderful informative list by Baron Afrasiyab al- Isfahani has given me a good start.

My accessory list for the weekend:

prayer beads - check
necklace - thanks dash!
seal ring - check  (yay for family treasurers)
scarf - I may be able to rustle something up. I'm going to go with the fabric belt, and sew two strips of appropraite fabric together. That way when I twist them together the colours will be revealed.
shoes - conversation with louisa of st mons gave me the idea of fabric coating a pair of slip ons.
leggings / sock things - thanks Candice!
earrings - the goldish pirate hoops may work.

and finally, headwear which may or maynot happen. there's a _huge_ variety to pick from.

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