Sunday, 3 August 2014

Project 34 - Krae Glas baronial birthday platter PT 2

Step 2: Determine your colour layout. I spent some time with a basic sketch of the elements trying to decide which colours would go where. I've determined that the four main seabeasts will be gold, while the rest of the design will be blue. I may skip the red of the original images to retain the balance, and the Krae Glas colour scheme.

The yellow elements were painted first, then the octopus and the Krae Glas populous devices. Finally the wave motif was painted in and the whole background was given a simple blue wash. I contemplated using a different blue for the background but decided that if I was careful enough the depth of glaze would be apparent. I haven't used a wash since trying to duplicate patina on my first plate. I hope this works out well.

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