Monday, 11 August 2014

Project 34 - Krae Glas baronial birthday platter PT 4

Step 4 - Apply shading.

In step three I tried two different methods of shading. Method one mixed 50/50 yellow and black (lower belly) and method 2 diluted the black (one drop black to three drops water) and used it as a wash. Pre-firing they both looked a bit sketchy but the black wash went on smoother. Post-firing, the black wash is chunkier and doesn't present the smooth grading I need for this project.

For the final piece I decided to go with the black wash but this time I diluted it 1:5 and mixed it extremely well to ensure there were no chunks of pigment. The wash went on nicely. The shading turned out pretty well. The only thing I'd change next time would be the shading on the back of the sea-dragons. It should be horizontal not vertical allowing it to conform to the shape of the beast better.

I picked up the plate the morning of the event, and as usual, forgot to get a photo.

Project 34 - Krae Glas serving plate for Day of Honour 2014 - Picture by Baron Cormac.

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