Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Reannag Teine

An Atlantia I know, Glaukos the Athenian linked an interesting site on the book of faces today - a pottery studio in California which seems to specialise in SCA stuff. Seems they need votes to qualify for a local grant so they can expand their studio. I totally support artists like this (and wish I could buy more of their work). I've attempted to vote for them to receive this grant but it doesn't want to let me, possibly because I'm Australian? Anyway, the voting at this stage is just to get them to consideration. From the bios of the past winners, they're up against a challenge and really need to sell their product, their research and their involvement in the community.


This family team in California are doing many of the things I'd like to try. They have the advantage of being a team, and having a resident potter. Their designs are lovely and I cannot believe how cheap they are selling some of their products for!

Their attempt at the 1480 Faenza Peacock (on right)

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