Monday, 19 January 2015

12th century garb part 1

I've been trying to find an image to develop my next set of garb from. Part of the problem of studying 'India' is that in reality I'm studying many different kingdoms and traditions. Finding a generic medieval-indian outfit would be like finding a generic medieval-european outfit. It just isn't a thing. So I've decided that I'll do my best to recreate outfits from specific images or collections based in one time or one location.

I've found my first!

The Battle between Bahubali (Balarama) and Bharat Painted wooden book cover (Patli) Jain School, Western India, 12th c. The source is secondary at best but one works with what they've got.

These ladies are badass. They're in chariots with Mongol recurve bows, shin armour (sort of like the ancient Greeks), shoes (note the lack of toes), a pant drape, mid length choli top with longish sleeves. They're also left and right handed and in the background is an awesome chick weilding a sword and round shield. I don't know how easily this will convert to SCA armour, but I could totally work this for IKAC shoots.

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