Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sari collection

Extant sari (?)  length with hamsa geese print, cotton, Gujarat for the Indonesian Market - 481.3cm long, Met Museum. Accession Number: 2012.445

I wonder about the two spots of damage, is that due to folding and subsequent damage while being stored or displayed? Perhaps those are the sections that were preferentially knotted?

Textile with forested landscape, Gujarat for Indonesian market, 494.5m long, Met Museum, Accession number 2005.407

The saree's that I own:
Cotton brown with black blockprint and dark turquoise detail - 5.20m (5.7 yards)
Cotton red with gold triangle trim - 5.20m
Cotton maroon with straight gold trim and border protection -  5.20m
Cotton cream with brown block print - 6.20m
Cotton/silk blend white with gold spots - 5.20m
Cotton white with gold trim -
Cotton light brown with apricot gold trim -
Cotton purple with orange gold trim -
Cotton maroon with black and gold trim -
Faux silk art silk block print -
?? orange brocade -
Silk wine striped silk -
Cotton ? stiff orange with purple and applique - 

I find the softer and lighter the fabric the better it drapes. As a result, I prefer to wear the cream with brown block print (even though it's really long), the brocade or the wine silk. The art silk I keep around as a demonstration tool and because I love the block print design. It is too slippery to drape well without lots of safety pins but it does fall nicely as it's a light weight fabric.

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