Saturday, 16 May 2015

Blue on White Ceramics, Japan- Extant objects

These are the items referenced in my previous post regarding the Arita porcelains of Japan and their trade into Europe via the Dutch East India Company. Images have been downloaded from the relevant sites and uploaded as a reference list for those that wish to see them while reading my mini-essay on Japan. As is standard, I've put the images behind a jump cut so as not to spam my blog.

1- Dish, 1690-1720. Arita, Japan. Victoria and Albert Museum, Item 6786-1860

2- Dish with peonies on a terrace, 1665 - 1675. Arita, Japan. Ashmolean. Item EA1978.682

3- VOC Dish, 1660-1680. Arita, Japan. Victoria and Albert Museum, Item 3-1886

4- Dish. 1660-1680. Arita, Japan. British Museum. Item 1961,1212.5

5- Arita blue and white VOC monogram dish. 1700. Arita, Japan. Christies, Sale 2584, Lot 379

6- Plate with monogram of VOC. 1660. Arita, Japan. The Met Museum item 2002.447.40

7- Plate with the Dutch East India monogram. 1660 - 1680. Arita, Japan. Ashmolean. Item EA1982.8

8- Plate with rabbits and waves.1635. Arita, Japan. Ashmolean. Item EA1992.69

9- Dish. 1660-1680. Arita, Japan. Victoria and Albert Museum. Item 1711-1876

10- Plate with figures and landscapes.1660 - 1680. Amrita, Japan. Ashmolean. Item EA1995.70

11- Arita blue and white Kraak style charger. 1660-1700. Amrita, Japan. Christies. Sale 2584, Lot 377

12- Arita blue and white dish. 1700. Arita, Japan. Christies. Sale 2584, Lot 383

13-Albarello in the form of Delft ware. 1652-1658. Armita, Japan. Ashmolean. Item EA2002.22

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