Saturday, 9 April 2016

More cloud collars

The Sultan awakens the drunken judge at dawn by Mahmud Muzahhib, Burkara. 1560-61. Christies, Sale 1180, lot 26.

The Sultan's collar comes to mid upper arm and seems to extend in a straight line to his belt. The drunkard's coat is slipping off and shows embroidery to the navel, as well as above and below where the belt would go, at the end of long sleeves and along the base.
Smug guard guy gets a pointier collar that appears to have at least three lobes (one in the back too?_ and matching embroidery on his sleeves Right hand man gets an honourable mention due to his fancy collar. Either the lining of his outfit is brocade or embroidered or his collar is embroidered. I wonder what it says.

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