Sunday, 3 April 2016

Remaking the blue dress - Step 3

I've removed all the hooks and eyes except the two on the waist band. You can see the damage done to the inside of the fabric from the threads in the pic above. I've replaced all the hooks and eyes with lacing rings. I initially had trouble working out how to do this. I had thought of winding my own rings but then I realised if I just butted the ends closed, they'd rotate and pull through the securing threads eventually, or since they are always a little rough, eat through the lacing cord. I then considered soldering a bunch of loops together but it'd be labour intensive, and again, i'd probably end up with rough sections which wouldn't bode will for the long term viability of this dress. I asked around to see where other people source lacing rings. Turns out there's two good options 1) buy them from a medieval retailer who is usually at GNW and Festival for an exorbitant price OR go to my local fishing shop and buy them in packs of 10. This turned out to be a bonus for me because they were having a closing sale so I got two packs for $8.

Not-so-pro tip: Buy lacing rings at your local fishing tackle store and save a bunch!

I haven't tried it on yet as I'm still making the cord I'll use with this dress. I may need to add extra loops if these are too far apart. This was a pretty easy thing to get of my things to do list once I'd actually gotten the rings.

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