Saturday, 4 August 2012

Femo strawberry pendant

I got this idea from PiTop who provides a nice simple construction tutorial.

Having made a couple now (because you can't go wrong with strawberry jewellery) I've got some extra hints and tips.

1. If you are using non-brand name ploymer clay and it tends to be a little crumbly (the red based colours tend to do this) mix it with a little of the white or some white Femo to make it softer and easier to handle. Use a variety of products to get a consistency you like.

2. If you don't have the metallic iron on studs suggested by PiTop, press holes into your strawberry and use a fine brush and your gold acrylic paint. I used JoSonja's Rich Gold paint. I love JoSonja's as it's a good medium price range paint widely available throughout Victoria.

3. You can insert the eyescrews before baking however the Femo is soft enough that you can use a 1mm drillbit and screw the eyescrew in after cooking. I bought 1mm and 1.2mm eyescrews in gold and silver tone from the screw isle (painting / hanging screws) in Bunnings.

4. Getting finger prints and fine tool marks in your femo? Use a slightly wettened finger to smooth out the marks. You can also sand femo after it's baked to remove any marks.

5. Clay tools are wonderful if you can get them, but if you're making miniature objects, most tools can be made from wire or plastic lying around the house.

6. I baked my Femo at 180 degrees Celsius for ten minutes. I've also accidentally left a project in for 25 minutes at 180, it didn't seem to affect it. There are alot of advice on how to bake your Femo. I've found this site lists temperatures for a range of products.

7. My most awesome sister bakes her Femo on a tray of aluminium foil which is then enclosed in foil. A great idea to reduce potentially toxic fumes (jury is out on this) AND an excellent idea to avoid contaminating your oven / artwork - especially if you live in a share house where who knows what has been cooked in that oven!

I love crafting randomness!

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