Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Flowered headwear acquisition - Yay!

Last weekend while wandering the city blocks the boy and I stumbled upon some sort of Indian cultural festival. By stumbled upon,  I mean: we heard the Bollywood music from blocks away and I dragged the poor man all the way there. I happily acquired three new items for my Indian personal. The first (above) is a matched set made out of ribbon to represent strings of marigolds and carnations. The central loop is intended to go around a bun pinned into place through the white circles. The other loop can be strung around the head or through the plait.

Some similar garlands can be found below, though I suspect most of these are composed of actual flowers.

(Figure 1 - left) Aishwarya Rai's wedding hair. Totally my most favorite actress.  (Figure 2 - right) A modern Australian bride with beautiful jasmine in her hair and simple yet elegant decorations for her Hindu wedding.

Figure 3 - Other methods of using flowers to decorate hair - wrap enough jasmine flowers around the head to create an aura of flowers. Use jeweled pins to pin the braid together (something like this is on the things to do list)

Figure 4 - Strings of jasmine buds can dangle from the head and will provide a light, refreshing scent throughout the day. Don't have long hair? Wrap the entire 'braid' in flowers and no one will know!

These days the best flowers-in-hair images come from Indian weddings where hours are spent getting the bride's hair perfect. However, simpler arrangements can be use for day to day wear. I suspect wearing a jasmine garland all day will provide perfume through out the day.

Figure 5- Common women at household chores - Ajanta Caves - Cave 1?. The central figure seems to sport the jasmine flower aura seen in Figure 2.

Figure 6 - Dancer sporting intricate hair decorations as well as a fitted dress. Ajanta Cave 1 - 6th-7th CE


I also bought a string of fake jasmine buds. These have been created out of cotton, and the tips dyed green. They actually look alot like actual buds (right). I might try making some out of cotton wool buds and PVA. This is also designed to wrap around a bun, but this one ties with black wool string. I will have to strengthen it and make it easier to attach if I plan on using it at Pennsic.

I do wonder if I can get away with something like the arrangement shown in this portrait by De Vinci. Incrust the net at the back with flowers. Secure with a jeweled band to the forehead and bind and decorate the braid and hair extension as shown.

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