Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I've started thinking about making a goldhaube to go with my Cranach Gown (even though I haven't completed it yet). I've discussed haube creation in a previous post when attempting to construct a whitehaube. I've been toying with the idea of making something like the haube in figure 1. A beaded or gold net over golden fabric. Very classical Cranach. However, when tooling around on the National Gallery website today I found figure 2. An image of a small girl wearing a beautiful gold haube. It was painted Jakob Selsenegger who was an Austrian painter so not all that far from Cranach's hub of inspiration

The Goldhaube's band is decorated with pearls, like many of those featured in Cranach portraits. This however is very clearly a crochet net rather than a cloth bag with netting overlaid. The knots are quite exquisite and probably far out of my skill range - for now. The haube also seems to sit closer to her head and rides high above the neck. I think that will be the biggest challenge of crocheting this peice.

Figure 1: Portrait of a Woman. Lucas Cranach the Elder. 1525. The National Gallery. Detail of Goldhaube.

Figure 2. Portrait of a Girl. 1545-1550, Jakob Selsenegger. The National Gallery. Detail of Goldhaube.

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