Monday, 17 November 2014

Background research

Researching metal woven stars/crosses with the following key words

woven cross
mandalla woven star
yarn star
yarn cross
gods eyes
sunrays Ojos
Ojos de Dios

Metal, jewellery gods eyes on Etsy / artfire. Standard is pretty low but then wire is more fiddlie than twine / yarn. Minimal attempts at decoration, and no evidence of more than two cross pieces. Perhaps a project for the future. Each image is linked to the Etsy / Artfire store in question. As far as workmanship is concerned, I like the copper one best even if the seller has insisted on adding "amethyst healing stones" - bah!

And no longer listed on the ebays but this person seems to have made a range of lovely stars (the only one I could find!) under Ojo de Dios metal search term.

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