Sunday, 30 November 2014

Gifted Napkin

I received this from Lady Aleinya Thrakesina (aka Vicky)  at Fields of Gold IV. She taught a weaving class and this was one of her demonstration pieces. It's woven on a two heddle table loom and is lovely. I still have to full it (however you do that) but I'm quite taken with it. She also made some beautifully textured ones for their Majesties on a four heddle loom but I didn't get a picture of them.
I drifted past her class multiple times during the day because the weaving process has fascinated me for a while. She gave this to me as she cut it off the loom. I've since tied knots in all the warp (?) threads. I still need to sew the stray weft threads in. The warp have a faint plaid to them as some of the linen thread has yellowed with age, but it should come good as I full it.

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