Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A variety of fabrics from South Indian Paintings.

A small sample of the fabrics shown in South Indian Paintings by C Sivaramamurti.

7thc devi, The Pallava Kingdom (7th-9th c),  Panamalai. South Indian Paintings pg 48. The goddess Parvati watching the dance of her lord.I love the beautifully decorated umbrella depicted here. Even though much of the painting has gone, the detail of the fabric on her bent left leg shows a block print or embroidery of flowers.

Painted on palm leaf manuscripts, these images are paintings of the Hoysala (rulers, group period?). 12th century CE. The top leaf clearly shows to attendants wearing choli tops and different coloured lower garments (skirts / sari?). The bottom leaf shows the attendants dancing with the scarves or such from their belts. They both have a circular golden crown? at the back of the head and appear to be carrying flails/fans?

Another manuscript painting of the Hoysala, 12th Century. The top leaf shows two attendants draped in striped fabric saris while the bottom leaf shows imagry VERY similar to the previous image.

 Arjuna's archery contest. A Hoysala (12th Century) sculpture from Belur. The contestant wears a decorative belt with fabric elements very similar to the previous image.

Page 81, Figure 55. Vidyaranya's procession. From the Vijayanagara (14th - 17th century), a dominant power in the south. Painting is from the 15th century. Men appear to be wearing light coloured, mid calf trousers and feature decorative fabrics with stripes, and diamond patterns. Insufficient detail is available on the female in the pannier though I rather like the tassels and construction of her conveyance.

Page 82, Same mural as the above image painted on teh ceiling of Cirupaksha Temple, Vijayanagara, 15th C in Hampi. This is another image of Arjuna's archery contest. The image of interest is the woman on the right who appears to have a very detailed trim on her sari which is also flopped over a belt around her miiddle. It may cross her chest under her many gold necklace, it is hard to tell. The pallu also has intricate golden embroidery.

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