Monday, 10 December 2012

First Wife of Malkos Raga 1575 - 1600

First Wife of Malkos Raga, Folio from a Ragamala 1575 - 1600. Maharashtra Ahmadnagar Gauri Ragini, I found a nice high definition version of this on the LACMA collections website. 

The central figure (wife?) wears a golden / orange sari with zari hash embroidery and a maroon choli. Her pallu (decorated end of the sari) is decorated in gold and blue stripes and waves. The sari itself appears to be transluscent. Her golden skirt is decorated with red stripes, checks and swirl patterns.

The attendant to the left wears a golden sari with yellow and maroon stripes and bright dots (sequins or pearls maybe?) and a bright blue choli with gold crosses. Her pallu is decorated in bands of orange and blue with gold and silver stripes or hashmarks. A band of white is also visible with a red flower pattern embroidered upon it.. Her skirt matches the colour bands of the pallu but has simpler decoration, mainly stripes and checks.

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