Saturday, 22 December 2012

UFO - Embroidered rainbow cushion

So this UFO has been around for about 9 years, I think I started working on it when I was living in Briarwood. This started as a practice piece so I could try some different embroidery styles before working on a quilt project in the planning. I browsed a number of embroidery dictionaries and attempted some of the stitches that I liked the look of. The embroidery has been complete for years, the two things holding up this project were the zip, and a cushion insert. I've never been very good at zips and it's only in the last few years that I've had a zipper foot for my machine. So this cushion has been buried in one of my unfinished project boxes for quite some time. I unburied it during the giant fabric sort of 2012 and have FINALLY finished it. The UFO originally had a border of calico with coloured corners but didn't fit the insert I bought from Spotlight so I unpicked it. The back is plain calico. I stumbled upon a zip tutorial via Pinterest which inspired me to finally finish this one...

Weave Stitch otherwise known as Queen Anne Stitch. Sewn on an angle to make following the curves easier. Each block is counter changed (i.e red with blue or green).

The finished cushion - yay!

addendum: I probably won't make another embroidery cushion. This one leaves the oddest imprints in my face when I sleep on it.

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