Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sari I - complete

The weather was beautiful this weekend so I finally got a chance to wear my completed red stripe silk sari set to Stormhold's Monthly Bash. The sari fabric is 100% silk I bought from Spotlight for $10 (yay!) a number of years ago. It doesn't drape as nicely as I'd like but it's wonderfully light and simple.
It took me a while to get around to finishing of the edges of the sari and making a choli top to go with it. I completed the top last year... unfortunately, I've put on weight so I couldn't wear it this weekend. (I'm also not very good at shaped, supportive garmets yet) Instead, I whipped out one of my backup tops, a not-quite medieval, not-quite velvet (stretch) number in turquoise.
Accessories (very important): 20 gold plated bangles (from Dandenong), be-gemmed (imitation) necklace, earring and mangtikka set (from Footscray), and carnation headband. I unfortunately broke one of the earrings while taking it off, on the upside, I now have extra dangles to make more tikka's from.

I'm really happy with how the headband turned out. When I wear a plait, I frequently re-do it two or three times a day as I hate the whispy bits that eventually work their way free. After my flowered headband post I started working on a set of artificial flowers for my hair. This one was made from fake carnations (with the green sepal removed). I wrapped the headband in a cream ribbon and then hotglued the carnations on. I left lengths of ribbon dangling from the ends of the headband and tied additional carnations onto that. The idea was to braid the ribbon into my plait creating the 'covered in flowers' look and allowing me to avoid modern hair ties. Unfortunately it was too bulky for me wave in myself, and one of the flowers came off in the process. The headband keeps all the stray whispy bits from my face!
I might cut the ribbon off the headband and make the plait decorations an entirely separate piece. I still haven't gotten around to making a jasmine hair accessory, it's on the list though!

Things learnt: The green sepal is essential to keeping the carnation petals together. Hot glue can be used in it's place if you don't mind getting a few burns to your fingers when shaping the petals. Hot glue doesn't work for the braid bits though.

Note: Did you know there's an SCA India email list? I only found out this weekend! Excited!

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