Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ceramic 32 - Janet's Bowl

Item 32 - only 18 more to do, in 10 months!

The finished bowl - on it's side, it sort of looks like her device.
This was created to complete Elizabet's set so I could enter it in the Midwinter Crown-anation A&S competition (tableware). I barely managed to get the bowl fired before delivering it to Sir Wolfram and Mistress Genna to take to Cold-berra for me.

The whole set, the cup is still my favourite piece - the plain white is nicer and the cats better, also, sleeping kitten.


The bowl was inspired by the same design as the plate and the cup. The full documentation submitted to the A&S competition was the subject of my last post.  I'm positing it again because it needs further discussion. From the picture above, you can see that the red on white design is alot sparser than it was on the plate. I was mostly working from images of the other two items rather than the extant piece (I'd lost the bit of paper). This interpretation of the design looks more modern to me. I am quite happy that when viewed on the side (image 1), it does look like her heraldry.

The one problem I have with this item is the fact the glaze has slumped (the sort of blurry drips - below). I didn't know about this when writing up my documentation because I hadn't yet seen the fired bowl. I think the glaze slumped due to two reasons, 1. I initially had three white circle designs on the outside (as on the inside) but it looked to sparse. So I sort of sanded the glaze back a little and re-painted the entire outside. (I'd also rubbed quite a bit of it down accidentally while painting the inside so it needed re-doing anyway). Because I couldn't be sure which areas needed a new covering, the whole thing got coated properly. As a result, there may be areas which received five layers of under-glaze. This, combined with the steep sides, has allowed the overglaze to drip and slump a little. As well, it's still rather pretty and Elizabet has a whole set now (and I've actually completed a set, something I usually avoid). Lesson learned for next time.

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