Friday, 4 July 2014

Item 31 - Peacock cup

I've been playing with cups recently. They make a good, quick, hand-held project and there are far too many op-shop ceramic stemmed goblet things out there in use. This project started with a spare bit of bisque and some research that I'd been doing on cup shapes. When browsing the V&A I stumbled upon a beautiful jug that had a device on it (like Alliette's cup) and a beautiful peacock motif in the background. I didn't have anyone specific in mind for a cup but I wanted to try the motif as I've seen it work on some beautiful plates (below).

Peacock Jug, Cafaggiolo, Italy 1515. Tin glazed earthenware, V&A Museum item 2602-1856
 Plate featuring peacock detail, 1480-1490, Deruta, Italy. V&A. Museum number C.2069-1910

Peacock plate. Tin glazed earthenware 1480 - 1490. Deruta, Italy. V&A Museum, 2606-1856. 

The main motif inspiration came from the jug, particular the angles on the peacock feathers. I used the first plate to help me vary the size of the feathers smoothly. The second plate inspired the blue feather lines. This is the first item I've entirely painted, inside and out. I'm really happy with how warm the yellow looks - it's lovely!

The peacock cup, ceramic item 31. The yellow is much richer in real life. (same yellow and blue as in the Stormhold Fidchel set, just different lighting)

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