Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Item 30 - Stormhold Fidchel board

 I decided to make a Fidchell / Fitchell set for my latest project. The idea came from Don Gregory Tortouse one day when he was proudly showing me the recent additions to his games collection. We got into a discussion about games at events and feasts. I quite like the idea of starting a feast earlier and leaving time for people to enjoy gaming and relaxing rather than eating-court-lights on. I started investigating what sorts of games were available and came across a couple of potential boards. I was originally thinking about painting a round board onto a plate, so you could eat and then play. Or play with your food.

Eventually I settled on Fidchel as it was a beautiful square board - perfect for a tile! I don't know how to play this game but it looks reasonably simple (famous last words). As the Stomhold Baronial Investiture / Winterfeast was coming, I decided to give the game a Stomhold feel. I did my best to replicate the details of the original Balinderry board (above) and used Stormholds drakar as the center motif. I'm pretty impressed with how circular my freehand circles are in the yellow decorative bits.

The game was gifted to their Excellencies at their invest / Stormhold Winterfeast. I added some glass tokens (blue and clear) and a castle/king piece. I hope they, or who ever they pass it to, gets many hours of enjoyment out of it.

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