Thursday, 23 October 2014

Scribal things #1 - Book of Kells AoA scroll

I'm now a member of the College of Scribes and I have been assigned an AoA to do. This AoA is for a lass who I'm not familiar with. Apparently she likes celtic things so I'm completing one of the Book of Kells blanks for her. The benefit of this is it's all block colours, so reasonably straight forward once I decide on a colour theme.

To start with I've researched the scroll - here's an example of a completed version on the Lochac scribes database. I've googled up all sorts of Book of Kells images (I've misplaced my Book of Kells book in the move) and have found some of the original reference material.

Folio 124r - lion on wikimedia.

and a close up:

And the dog from folio 111(r?)

So the question is: retain the colours of the originals and be all over the shop, or bend to more modern ideals and sort of colour co-ordinate with the device (green and white)?

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