Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Scribal things #2 - Going green

I hit a minor wall with my celtic scroll the other day. I decided to start with the device and then work out the colour distribution from there. I started by doing a test run of all the colours I currently have so I start with a good idea of what tones match the colours of the original Book of Kells. Then I hit a snag - green. The two greens I had were a light green and a dark green. I needed a brighter mid-green colour. and I don't want to mix my own, because I know inevitably I'll run out right before finishing and won't be able to match the colour. I've talked to a number of other illuminators and most of them remarked on the problems of getting a good green (mostly because they seem to need two coats).

In my travels back and forth this week I decided to acquire myself a range of greens rather than mixing them myself. If I find one I'm happy with this has the benefit of being consistent and I won't run the risk of running out of pigment as I work on this scroll.

These are all of the colours so far (dried) with their brands and colour name written next to them. I was hoping reno art - pale green would work well but like Reeves crimson it's sort of shiny so not suitable for my needs.

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