Sunday, 12 October 2014

St Monicas ceramic class - results

I did a trail run of my ceramic hands-on A&S class at St Monicas during the AGM three weeks ago. I ran this for three reasons, 1. Beth was about to give birth and wanted to make a pair to the octopus cup before the baby came and 2. I plan on running this at Krae Glas and Stormhold and needed to know how to format it. 3. We were having the AGM and it's good to provide quiet crafty activities while the paperwork gets sorted.

6 people ended up painting ceramic objects which I didn't anticipate. 3 cups (Beths is still to be fired) and three tiles (because I had them sitting around). Louisa's skills blew me away (the bamboo) and I especially like the cups by Janet and Vivien. Vee was also interested but couldn't settle on a design, so she's doing research until I run the Krae Glas session.

Pre-firing Post-firing

Things for next time:
  • Bring more bisque if possible - people standing around tend to want to join in.
  • Bring more examples to prevent artists-block
  • Supervise EVERYONE as the concept of "a little glaze" has multiple interpretations.
  • This is not a class for children unless they are supervised by their parents (especially younger ones)
  • Don't buy a pack of pencils just for the 6B, people are likely to utilise the wrong ones accidentally.
  • Don't feel awkward about charging for materials.
  • Explain dark over light shading and three layers multiple times, with examples if possible.
  • Don't plan on doing any work yourself.

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